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One Pillow to Rule Them All

Our smart design transforms what looks like a normal travel pillow into a 5-in-1 solution for all your needs. One “EasierHike® Alpha Pillow” provides you with a neck pillow, desk pillow, earplugs, phone mount, and a sleep mask.

Only One Breath

Pillow could get fully inflated with ONE breath. It is germ-free since your mouth does not need to contact any part of the seal.The smart design of the magnetic seal ensures your pillow does not lose any air during usage.

Enjoy a Movie 
While Staying Comfy

The multifunctional design allows you to set up a mobile phone stand on your travel pillow in mere seconds. Sit back and relax while your favorite pillow takes care of entertainment during your trip.  

Perfect Deskmate
for Your Nap

The smart design stops numbness and pain in your arms. Nap anywhere with our soft pillow instead of a sharp table edge!

Removable &
Washable Pillowcase

Embraces and supports your neck with a pillowcase made from lightweight lycra to redefine your sense of comfort.Breathable material gives you a clean and cool feeling during usage.

Ergonomic Design 

Pillow provides support to your neck and chin without adding pressure to your ears and jaw.

Light and Easy to Carry

Pillow weighs just 4.8 oz (135g) which is not even the weight of a book!

Easy Puncture Repair

Turn the pillow inside out, find the hole and use the repair patch to fix it. Yes, as easy as that.

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