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All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!
All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!

Children's Classroom Nap Pillow Lie Pillow Pupils Nap Pillow for Kids

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color: Pink

Bravo space memory cotton technology: using slow rebound memory cotton, absorb the pressure of the human body, adjust the human body to a comfortable posture, slow rebound function than latex straight bounce can also relieve pressure.And we use Bravo foaming process, environmental protection and formaldehyde free.Upgrade choice: memory sponge added with natural bamboo charcoal factor can absorb moisture and remove flavor, refreshing and breathable, healthy and environmental protection.
We use better fabrics: use breathable, non-slip wear-resistant cool cotton fabrics.Refuse to fade or pilling.And with breathable and moisture-draining quick dry inner sleeve, moisture absorption and taste removal, fresh and breathable, healthy and clean.Hidden zipper, removable coat, everything for your convenience.
Efficacy: the third generation hug nap pillow, memory rebound, ergonomic, comfortable sleep, cool feeling fabric.The natural sleeping position allows you to fall asleep easily.Siesta half an hour spirit in the afternoon, look natural, good state.Help students and working people better nap, comfortable to help sleep, spirit in the afternoon, class, work more concentration.
Exquisite gift: with this kind of product, we will also give you an exquisite gift, including eye mask and earplug, which will make you feel more comfortable and secure during your journey.
Checa Goods is an innovative brand, and we are the creator of the hug nap concept, which was patented in March 2017.Taste comfort, dare to be innovative, for comfort and function exploration, we have no end.