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All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!
All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!

EasierHike Alpha Pillow | One Breath Inflatable Multifunctional Pillow

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Color: blue

EasierHike Alpha Pillow- One Breath Inflatable Multifunctional Pillow

Inflates this pillow with just ONE breath

*A travel pillow classic improved. Incredibly versatile, lasts forever, sold at an honest price.


Travels are supposed to be enjoyable, so why bother to struggle with those inferior pillows and miss the landscapes with regrets.

You need a neck pillow that can leave these worries behind and make your journey count.

Let’s check out how Alpha Pillow is inflated!

It is energy-saving. Inflate your pillow with only ONE breath. Blow towards the large opening, and the funnel-like film will collect all your breath at once. Also the magnetic seal ensures no air slip away. Then push and roll up the magnetic seal to get the pillow firm and set. It’s time to say goodbye to leakage.



It is hygienic. Instead of taking mouth-to-mouth inflation with a valve, the way of inflating Alpha Pillow keeps you away from any health risks caused by contact. Open and hold the seal away with your mouth, blow air into the pillow, no more contact with the valves.

 The two arms in unequal length after inflation allows you to set up a phone holder on the longer arm in the middle, which ensures the most favorable distance for watching a movie.

Sit back and relax while your favorite pillow takes care of entertainment during your trip.

Your Alpha Pillow can become a desk pillow
during your naptime.

After a busy morning, your body needs some energy recharging. Alpha Pillow can help you take a more efficient rest. Gently place it on the table surface, squeeze the longer arm downward to let it support your chest, then just fall asleep with your pillow. The patented design can alleviate the numbness and pain caused by the hard edges of the table.


Ultimate comfort with the smart ergonomic design!

The slim design of the supportive part for your neck can decrease the pressure posed on your back neck and your cervical spine, which provides you with customized comfort. Two thick arms of the pillow, which you can hold with your arms crossed can offer you a sense of security during the journey.


Alpha Pillow is a real multifunctional pillow.

In addition to the functionalities as a personal neck pillow, a stable phone holder and a comfortable desk pillow, there are a sleep mask and a pair of earplugs that ensure you obtain tranquility and peace during your rests. It is so versatile that can meet your needs of using it in different scenarios.