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All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!

Edison String Lights | Outdoor Garden Terrace Pavilion Yard Decorative Light Bulb String

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color: solar warm
The insruction is for your safety. Please read before intalion.

Material: plastic+pc
Power supply: solar, battery ( not including battery)
Waterproof: IP65

The solar light consist a solar cell, a rechargeable battery and led lights. And the three parts are preassembled. Light from the sun charges the battery during the day time and the energy stored in the batteries powers the lights at night. The lights on time maybe vary, depending on how much power received from sunlight during day time.

1. The light is designed for outdoor use only in an open location for receiving direct sun light.

2. Please avoid putting the unit under shadows from buildings, trees and walls.

3. The unit is designed to illminate in dark conditions and may not operate if other source of strong lights reflects on the panel. Please avoid street light and floodlights to impact the PIR sensor.

4. Choose a soft ground to push the spike in to locate the light.

User Instruction

1. Remove the package and make sure everything is in a good condition.

2. Assemble the solar panel to the cradle on the anchor spike.

3. Turn the ON/Off switch at the bottom to "ON" position.

4. flash modes with automatic switch.

5. Put the light at the right and safe place. The solar panel need to be fully charged for 6 hours before the first use.


1. The lights are designed for outdoor use only.

2. This product is nota toy. Please keep away from children under 3 year old.

3. This product contains small parts which may cause choking hazard if detached.

4. Please do not allow children to play with the anchor spike since the end point of anchor spike is sharp.

5. Keep away from fire or other sources of heat.

6. Avoid the batteries and wiring dip into water.

7. Some condensate may form inside the unit or solar panel in cold conditions. This is normal and can be ignored.