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All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!

Light Projector | Soft Stone Ocean Wave Projector Night Light with Music 8 Light Modes Gifts for kids Boys Girls Adult Bedroom Living Room by Alpha-pillow

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  • ❤️【Enjoy the Wonderful Time】The perfect design of three colors of red / green / blue, combined into 7 kinds of cool projection atmosphere. The cooperation of 12 LED lights creates a quiet and harmonious wonderful environment. Let you and your children enjoy a happy evening.
  • ❤️【Listen to Music with Your Baby】Ocean wave projector built-in 8 soothing sounds help to improve sleep. If you don't like the built-in sound, ocean wave projector also supports Bluetooth connection / TF card / AUX cable connection to mp3 / iphone / ipad / cellphone / tablet or PC to play your favorite music or sound. Accompany children listen to relaxing and comfortable music in the happy time.
  • ❤️【Is Time to Sleep】There have three timer options (2H / 4H and timer off). You can set the timer before going to bed, the night light will auto turn off after you fall asleep, it is very energy saving and environmentally friendly or you can keep it all night. The night light projector have 3 brightness levels (low / medium / high) and 15 volume levels that can be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • ❤️【Remote Control & Touch Control】The assistance of the remote control makes it easier to switch or set the night light. You can use the remote control to turn on / off / set the rotation / adjust the brightness and volume / switch the music / change the projection mode and set the timer within 6 meters. It's very easy to use. Give children a chance to do something by themselves.
  • ❤️【Mom's Choice, Baby's Gift】As children, they are curious about all unknown worlds and always want to explore. This ocean wave projector can cater to children's interests when they are still young. Let them imagine this wonderful world in the beautiful wave projection environment.

Built-in tracks
1. To coax you to sleep day and night
2. Canon Wind Chime Edition
3. Forest bird calls
4. Girl's prayer
5. Lullaby
6. Listen to the sea for the first time
7. The bustling silence
8. Spring fire, wind and rain
Illumination mode
1. All red, blue and green lights are on (romantic atmosphere)
2. Red, green, red and blue, blue and green two-color slow flashing (colorful)
3. Red and blue lights are on (purple atmosphere)
4. The blue light is on (blue ocean)
5. The green light is on (green northern lights)
6. Red, blue and green light up in cycles (Magic Space)
7. Red, blue and green flashes in a loop (ballroom effect)
8. Product atmosphere light
Instructions for use
1. The main power switch button at the bottom, press once to turn on the power, press again to turn off the power.
2. After turning on the power, the built-in ambient light turns on gradually.
3. Long press the touch button to turn on the phone. After turning on, the light mode 1 will be on, the hypnotic music will be played, and the ambient light will be off.
4. If you only need to change the hypnotic track, please press the remote control or the main unit to change it.
5. When inserting a TF card or an external Bluetooth/audio source, the lullaby will automatically turn off.
6. Note that the main unit and remote control cannot be operated when the audio source is connected.
7. Touch the up and down music plus and minus keys, long press the plus and minus volume, short press to change the music.
8 When you press the remote control H2/H4, it means that the main unit is set regularly, and it will automatically shut down after 2 hours/4 hours.