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All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!
All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!

Light Projector | Starry Sky Light with USB Charging Led Projection for Kids Boys Girls Adult Bedroom Living Room by Alpha-pillow

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color: Black

The product

Battery capacity: 2500mAh (lithium battery)

Product material: ABS + PC

Product configuration: USB data cable, light,English user manual

Charging indicator: charging (red light), fully charged (green light)

Charging time: approximately 3 hours

Instructions for use

This product is a rechargeable nebula lamp. Not only does it imitate the effects of stars and nebulae in the night sky, it also has features such as timing and atmospheric lighting effects. Press a button to select time, stars, nebula, special effects, mood lighting, etc. for your bedroom study. Add a splash of color to your living room.

power button

Control product on / off,

Time key

Control product shutdown time. When the lamp corresponding to the scale time is on, the timer will start. When the time is up, the product turns off.

Press the button once to select 30-60-120 minutes off-cycle back and forth

The first short press lasted 30 minutes

The second short press lasted 60 minutes

Third short press on the timer for 120 minutes

The fourth short press deactivates the timer function;

Light key

When the product is turned on, this button is used to control the color of the nebula and the ambient light. It can be controlled and set to your favorite color in any state that both functions are lit or one of the functions is lit separately.

In turn, colors such as R-G-B-RG-RB-GB are repeated cyclically.

Mode selection key

This button is used to select the special effects of the product and its functions are as follows:

When you turn on the product, press this button to turn off the ambient light, turn off the stars, turn off the nebula, turn off the special effects, stop the engine, turn on only the ambient light, and then turn everything on again.