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All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!
All Orders over $99.90 Get a Free Alpha Pillow!

Portable Neck fan | Mini USB Air Cooler Rechargeable Ventilador | Silent Cooling Handheld Electric Fan

Color: Green

Product list:

Fan *1
USB *1
Instruction *1
Packaging *1

Product Parameter
Input interface: USB Micro
Product material: ABS
Product net weight:350g
Gear: 3 gears
Battery capacity:1800 mAh
Life time:2-6 hours
Product size: 130mm x 100mm x 50mm

More Portable And Quieter

Strong wind、Hang at neck、Wind speed
Small voice、Long endurance、Portable

Handheld mode+ Desktop mode

Delicate and mini easy to carry

Put the coolness in your pocket and hide
the wind in your heart. The fan is just the
size of an adult fist,it fits easily into a
shoulder bag and clothes pocket.

Brushless motor low noise

and energy saving

Brushless copper core motor reduces
friction and improves performance. LOW
speed and gentle operation, more energy saving

29-leaf design

Strong wind with low noise

In order to cut the airflow more evenly
and densely, we use the innovative
29-blade axial flow 3D curved fan blades
combined with the stability of the
brushless motor, to show a more
sufficient and quieter air volume

6 hours long battery life

The fan has a built-in 1800mAh
large -capacity 18650 battery, which can
be recharged in a cycle, and it can last
for more than 6 hours in one gear. USB
charge electrical interface, convenient
and practical.

The first gear takes about 6 hours
The second gear takes about 4 hours
The third gear takes about 2 hours
(fully charged)

Free hands comfortable to wear

Say goodbye to raising your hands for a
long time, and solve the embarrassment
of not being able to free up your hands
to play with mobile phones!

Wide angle wind cooler feeling

The innovation of winds coming up and
blowing directly on the face, can free your
hands and make you feel cool.

Bracket function can change

to desktop fan in a second

Regardless of indoor and outdoor, the
angle can be adjusted. you can always
find comfortable and cool whenever and
wherever you are.